Residential Lease Rental Agreement


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What Is a Residential Lease Rental Agreement?

A Residential Lease Rental Agreement is a legal contract between a landlord and a tenant who wants to rent a residential property and has to pay a stated monthly amount. The tenant must pay the rent for the first month and a security deposit before moving in. After both parties sign the agreement, the tenant may move in on the day designated in the document.

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What do I need a residential rental lease agreement for?

  • A landlord needs this document to provide a tenant with legal permission to get access to the premises on the first day of the specified term;
  • The tenant has to fill out the form to enable the landlord to perform a background and credit check;
  • The tenant must use this paper to include references such as their past landlords and employers. This enables the landlord to contact these people by phone and find out about the tenant’s character and whether the monthly rent was paid on time during the past rental agreement.

How to Fill Out Basic Rental Agreement Residential Lease

  1. To get access to a ready-made template, press the blue Fill this form button on this page.
  2. You will be redirected to a document that consists of 10 pages. You can get acknowledged with a standard blank used in the case of rent.
  3. The first page is for the tenant’s name, premises address, the time when the lease starts, etc. At the bottom right part of each page, the tenant has to put their initials.
  4. The second page requires you to put the term the agreement will be eligible for.
  5. In the section Payment terms, indicate the first month’s rent amount, monthly rental sum, security deposit, late charge, and NSF check fee.
  6. Indicate whether pets are acceptable in the apartment.
  7. Mark the utilities that are the obligation of the tenant.
  8. In the section Services, specify which services are the obligation of the tenant.
  9. Enlist which documents are incorporated into the terms of this agreement.
  10. Indicate which person should the landlord contact in case of emergency. Write their contacts as well.
  11. Use the e-signature tool on the upper toolbar and sign the contract for approval.
  12. Pages 4 to 9 are informative, containing general terms and regulations. Don’t forget to put your initials at the bottom right part of each page to mark that you got familiarized with the details.
  13. The last 10th page contains a disclosure of information on lead-based paint hazards. The lessee and the agent must certify that the provided data is correct by signing the document at the end.
  14. Put the current date and save the changes. Now you can download the agreement on your PC or send it to the other party by email.

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Organizations that work with a basic rental agreement or residential lease PDF

  • Private parties (a landlord renting residential property and a tenant)

Fillable online Residential Lease Rental Agreement
(4.5 / 5) 52 votes
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