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What Is Change of Address Form AR-11?

The AR-11 Сhange of Address Form is a document used to renew your address on all forthcoming queries, applications, or petitions that you include in the form. It empowers you to get all correspondence and benefits from USCIS on time and avoid any potential delays that refer to your particular case.

What Do I Need AR-11 Forms For?

  • This document is needed to update your address on all requests, applications, and petitions that you will include in the form in the future;

  • There’s no need to file Form AR-11 if you address the “change of address” webpage. However, it doesn’t apply to the cases when you are a victim of domestic violence, human trafficking, etc.

  • You don’t have to complete the AR-11 address change form if you already filed Form I-751 Abuse Waiver.

How to Fill Out the AR-11 Online Form?

  1. To complete this document online, you have to press the blue “Fill this form” button located on this page. It will guide you to the two-page fillable blank.

  2. You have to fill out only the first page; the second is instructions, notices, and other important data. Provide some personal details such as your name, country of citizenship, and alien registration number if you have it in the “Information about you section.”

  3. Then go to “Information about your address field.” Specify your current address (city, street number, etc.).

  4. Include your mailing address (optionally).

  5. Sign the form and put the current date below page one. You can use handy tools located on the upper dashboard to do it.

  6. Press ”Done” and proceed to the AR-11 form download in PDF format. 

Organizations That Work With the AR-11 Form

USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services)

FAQ: Change of Address Form AR-11 Popular Questions

  • Where to mail the AR-11 form?

    Use the address in the appropriate field of the “Change of Address” page of the USCIS website in case you are a victim of trafficking, domestic violence, or other crimes. Visit this webpage if you also filed an I-751 Abuse Waiver. If it doesn’t relate to you, the AR-11 Change of Address Form provides you with the mailing address on page 2.

  • Can I file an AR-11 online?

    Yes, you can submit your AR-11 online, but only if you are a victim of trafficking, domestic violence, or other crimes. You can also file it electronically in case you completed an I-751 Abuse Waiver.

Fillable online Form AR-11
(4.8 / 5) 42 votes
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