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Get your Form 5000A - Arizona Resale Certificate in 3 easy steps

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What is Form 5000A?

Form 5000A Arizona is also known as Arizona Resale Certificate. Those people who are trying to buy tangible property for later resale have to complete this document. It has to be for personal matters only and in the usual business course. If you are a wholesaler you need to have TPT or any other tax license for this. Arizona 5000A form was created by the Department of Revenue is under the Arizona State service. The main goal of the document is to make sure that the person who buys the property for later resale is registered by the officials.

The Arizona form 5000A must be completed by the purchaser who is going to buy the property and handed to the vendor too. The certificate will be held by the vendor during this specific transaction or series based on the indicated information in the template. When the time of sale comes, the purchaser has to give the Certificate to the officials as well.

Form 5000A on PDFLiner

What I need the Arizona Tax Form 5000A for?

  • The resale certificate Arizona is used by the private person who wants to buy tangible property to resale it in the end, as part of the ordinary course of business. It is not made for professional retailers or big companies who made money on resales. If you are a wholesaler you need to use specific sales tax license to be able to buy the property;
  • The Arizona resale certificate 5000A is required by the vendor that receives it from the purchaser before the transaction of money begins and the deal closes;
  • This form is required by the Department of Revenue of Arizona State to document that a particular purchase was made by the person.

How to Fill Out Arizona Tax Exempt Form 5000A?

The form can be easily found on PDFLiner where you are able to fill it out online. There are numerous tools that help you to do it, including the ability to create your own electronic signature recognized by authorities. The form is simple and 1 page long. However, you need to provide honest data there. If it is not filled completely, it is not accepted anywhere.

Once you complete it, download it on your device, and send the copy to the vendor. You can do it online, by regular mail, email, or hand it in personally. Here is what you need to include in the document, according to the basic Arizona form 5000a instructions:

  1. Indicate your business address and the name, and write down the vendor’s name as well;
  2. Put the tick in the appropriate box in section B;
  3. Describe the nature of the business that the purchaser has in section C;
  4. Describe the property that the purchaser is trying to buy in section D;
  5. Check out all the lines in section E on the following sales and put the ticks in the appropriate boxes;
  6. Read section F on the certification that must be made in accordance with the law, and make sure it matches your situation;
  7. Include your full name, signature, title, and date when you sign the document.

Organizations that work with Arizona Tax Form 5000A

  • Arizona State Department of Revenue.
Fillable online Form 5000A - Arizona Resale Certificate
(4.7 / 5) 61 votes
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