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What Is Form 130-U

It’s a legal document used by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV). Its purpose is to apply for a Texas title and registration for a motor vehicle. When purchasing a vehicle or bringing one into the Lone Star State, Texas form 130-U is filled out by the owner to establish ownership and register the vehicle with the state. It provides essential details about the vehicle, the owner's information, and any lienholder, if applicable, ensuring proper documentation and compliance with Texas vehicle registration laws.

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Who Fills Out Form 130 U Texas

Form Texas 130U is typically filled out by vehicle owners or buyers in the Lone Star State when applying for a Texas title and registration for a motor vehicle. Here are instances when the 130-U Texas form is utilized:

  • individuals purchasing a new or used vehicle from a dealership;
  • individuals buying a vehicle from a private seller;
  • Texas residents bringing a vehicle from another state into Texas;
  • owners transferring vehicle ownership to a family member;
  • owners registering a vehicle with the TxDMV for the first time.

By completing the Texas 130-U form accurately, owners can establish ownership and ensure proper car registration within the Lone Star State.

How to Fill Out 130 U Form Texas

Filling out Form 130-U using PDFLiner's online editor is a user-friendly process. Follow these 10 essential steps to complete the document accurately:

  1. Sign in to your PDFLiner account.
  2. Find the template of the U130 form Texas in our extensive catalog.
  3. Review the file's sections and instructions to understand the required information.
  4. Specify details like make, model, year, and vehicle identification number (VIN).
  5. Specify Enter the name and contact info of the owner.
  6. Provide the registration information, such as the effective date and license plate number.
  7. Add any additional information required in the remaining sections, such as signatures, certifications, and declarations.
  8. Review the filled-out doc thoroughly for accuracy and completeness.
  9. Save the resulting file on your gadget for your records.
  10. If necessary, print the file, ensuring all required signatures are included.

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Following this step-by-step guide, you can efficiently fill out Form 130-U using PDFLiner's online editor, ensuring proper documentation for vehicle title and registration with the Texas authorities.

Where to Get Form 130 U

A high-quality and fully customizable template of this form is available on PDFLiner. As a trusted platform, PDFLiner offers users the convenience of accessing and completing almost any form template online. With its user-friendly editor, you can easily input the required information, save the completed doc on your device, and even print it for submission and record-keeping. Alternatively, you can get the file directly from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website or visit a local county tax office in Texas to obtain a physical copy.

Fillable online Form 130-U
(4.7 / 5) 93 votes
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