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What Is a Field Trip Request Form?

Field trip planning is an essential part of a teacher's job. It can be a bit complex and time-consuming, considering the required approvals. That's where a field trip request form comes in. This crucial document simplifies the procedure by keeping everything organized and structured.

Components of a field trip request form

A well-designed field trip request form for teachers template usually includes several key sections. These sections not just help in obtaining the necessary approval but also aid in planning the field trip effectively.

  • Teacher and Class Information: This section usually demands basic info such as the name of the instructor, their contact details, and the specifics about the classes or students who'll participate in the trip.
  • Trip Details: Here, you'll need to input information regarding the venue of the field trip, the proposed date and time, and the reasons why this particular destination was picked for the trip. This part is crucial as it justifies the educational value of the activity.
  • Approval and Permissions: This section usually asks for approval signatures from different stakeholders, such as school administrators, the transportation department, or even parents.

How to Fill Out Field Trip Request Form Template

The procedure for filling out a field trip request form involves carefully providing every required detail:

  1. Start filling out the 'Date of Request' section with the current date or the date you are submitting the form.
  2. Complete the 'Title and Destination of Trip' section by providing the name under which the trip will be categorized and the location where you will travel.
  3. Add the 'Date of the Trip', which is the planned date on which the trip is expected to take place.
  4. Fill in the 'Sponsoring Department' section. This could either be your department or the department funding the trip.
  5. Indicate the 'Person in Charge'. This person is the one responsible for the logistics and overall supervision of the trip.
  6. Specify the 'Number of Students' and 'Number of Chaperones' going on the trip to help in future planning.
  7. Provide the 'Names' of the students or chaperones, if their identities have been confirmed.
  8. Choose the 'Type of Trip' – either Educational or Recreational.
  9. Fill in the 'Time of Departure' and the 'Time of Expected Return' for planning purposes.
  10. Specify the 'Mode of Transportation' for the trip,
  11. Estimate and input the 'Cost of Transportation', 'Cost of Food', 'Cost of Lodging', and any 'Other Costs'.
  12. Total up the costs and write the sum in the 'Total Cost of Trip' field.
  13. Enumerate the 'Source of Revenue' or funding for the trip.
  14. Indicate the 'Student Cost', which is the amount each student will need to pay or have paid for them to join the trip.
  15. Fill in the Cost Checklist with the previously determined costs.
  16. Check the appropriate boxes to indicate whether the 'Cafeteria' has been notified, a 'Substitute' arranged, the 'Master Calendar' notated, and 'Plans Made for Non-Attendees'.
  17. Get approval and fill in the dates under the 'Department Chair', 'Principal', 'Superintendent', and 'Board of Education' sections. Get the corresponding signatures as well.
  18. Complete the next section concerning 'Field Trip date', 'Place', 'Mode of transportation', 'Cost to Student', and the departure and return times.
  19. Finally, get the signatures of a 'Parent' and the 'Student' to confirm acceptance of the trip details and conditions. Dates should accompany signatures.

Specifics of the trip request form

Teachers use this specialized document to request permission for a school field trip. It includes essential details about the trip, such as its purpose, the destination, the date, the transportation method, and the number of students and teachers attending. The form serves as a communication and approval tool between the teachers and the school administration.

Fillable online Field Trip Request Form
(4.8 / 5) 54 votes
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