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What is the Employee Warning Notice form?

Employee Warning Notice is a form usually sent by the Department of Human Resources to the employee whose behavior is unsatisfying to the company. The notice may be sent by the employer. It is filled with requirements from employees and demands to improve behavior to avoid consequences. It is a second step if a manager has already talked to this employee before, but that did not remove the problem.

What I need the Employee Warning Notice for?

This form is needed to:

  • Remind employees that their actions may lead to negative consequences;
  • Help the employee to understand the problem in his/her behavior and fix it;
  • Express all the expectations that an employer has towards the employee;
  • Remove the cause of the problem;
  • To notice the employee about the upcoming negative solutions the employer can use;
  • Make a signal to the employee that it is the last chance for them to improve their behavior.

Filling out Employee Warning Notice

The Employee Warning Notice is sent in the PDF form to the employee. It must contain the following information:

  • The names of both manager and employee who are involved in the process;
  • The official date of the issue;
  • Detailed information on the previous warnings, consultations with this employee;
  • Description of the unacceptable behavior of employee;
  • Corrective actions will be used to fix the situation.

The manager and employee must sign this form together. The document will be applied to the Human Resource department and will be kept there in the file of the employee. After some time, the behavior of employees must be reevaluated. If it is improved, the form is no longer active.

Organizations that work with Employee Warning Notice

Human Resource department of the company where employee works.

Fillable online Employee Warning Notice
(4.7 / 5) 100 votes
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