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Tips on How to Edit a PDF on Mac

If you want to learn how to edit a PDF on Mac, you have to start with the basics. Although the editing process requires time and skills, with the right tools in front of you, this work is a piece of cake. Here is the solution to the “how do I edit a PDF on Mac?” question.

How to Edit a PDF on Mac

Once you need to edit a PDF file on Mac, think about the right editor for you. There are lots of options on the market, but only one can be the most suitable for your work. To find it, you might need to check different types or simply pay attention to PDFLiner, which we recommend for its wide range of tools for editing a PDF on Mac. Here is how you can use this program:

Step 1: Open your browser on Mac

You can use any browser to enter the editor. Check your Internet connection in advance, since you will have to work online.

Mac desktop

Step 2: Go to PDFLiner

This Mac PDF editor does not require downloading. You can enter the website in your browser. Create your profile to receive access to the entire set of tools.You may enter the service via Google Account or Facebook.

pdfliner.com in safari search

Step 3: Upload your PDF

There is a big red button in the middle of the main page. Press it and pick the easiest way for you to upload the document. If you want to edit a PDF on Macbook, you can upload it from the device. You can also create the document from the very beginning. It is easy to do on the main page. Just press the blue button in the right upper corner of the page, near your name. Apart from that, you can always find the right template of the form or document in the PDFLiner’s library;

PDFLiner main page

Step 4: Edit a PDF in the editor

This Apple PDF editor allows you to improve the existing text, write a new one, and decorate it with images and charts. You may highlight the text or hide some important information with the help of the whiteout tool. If you need to sign the PDF you have, just press the Add Sign icon and create your personal e-signature. It does not take much time. You can change the order of pages, delete the ones you don’t need, or add new pages.

PDFLiner editor on Mac

Step 5: Click the Done button

PDFLiner Done menu on Mac

Don’t forget to press the red button in the right corner of the document after you finish editing it. You can always go back and modify a PDF on Mac as much as you need it.

Benefits of Online PDF Editors

PDF editors were created to help users get access to their PDF documents. The editing process of this format is more complicated than the Word format, for example. Many editors have limited tools to offer. If you are wondering “can I edit a PDF on Mac using one program only,” the solution is PDFLiner. Consider its main benefits below.

  1. You don’t need to download the program to edit a document.
  2. PDFLiner has an incredible library of forms and templates you might need in your work, as well as during the tax filing.
  3. You can easily create an electronic signature and save it in your library or in PDFLiner to use it again.
  4. PDFLiner offers you a wide range of tools for editing. You receive total control over each page. You can draw pictures, underline text, highlight it, add your own text, or erase something. You can add remarks and hide the text you want to keep invisible for others.
  5. You can create the document from the very beginning. You can change the order of the pages, add or delete them.
  6. After the text is ready, you can save it on your device, send it to the email, or share it with others via the link you’ve created.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to download special software to edit a PDF on Mac?
    It depends on the editing program you choose. Some of them have to be downloaded so that you can start the work. Others, like PDFLiner, do not require installation. You can open the browser, enter the website, and work online.
  • Can I open PDF files on Mac?
    Yes, you can open PDF on Mac. There is an installed program that allows you to do it. You can also open PDF via PDFLiner.
  • How can I edit a PDF on Mac without Adobe?
    Adobe is only one option among hundreds of programs. There are lots of PDF editors that are compatible with Mac. You can use PDFLiner or any other similar tools to edit a document.
  • What else can I do with PDFLiner?
    PDFLiner offers numerous tools for you. You may edit a document as much as you need by adding notes and highlighting important parts. Users may insert images, charts, and graphs to make presentations. You can also create an electronic signature using PDFLiner.
  • Is it safe to use PDFLiner?
    PDFLiner is a safe program. It uses an advanced encryption system for your documents. You can also add extra passwords for document security if you want.
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