DS 326 Driver Medical Evaluation


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What Is a DS 326?

The DMV Form DS 326 is a paper used by healthcare and medical professionals to assess drivers’ mental and physical health. In conclusion, the ability or inability of patients to drive vehicles is established. The document consists of five pages filled in both by drivers and therapists.

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What do I need the DS-326 for?

  • Drivers should be screened and provide driver medical evaluation DS 326 if required by the Department of motor vehicles (DMV). In other cases, you shouldn’t fill it out.

  • The reason for such a requirement may be the suspicion of your inability to drive machines. It may mean that the DMV has revoked or suspended your license or plans to do so.

  • You do not have the right to refuse the examination and simply not provide the document to the state authorities.

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Where do I send my DS 326 form?

This document should be completed if requested by the DMV. If the Department questions your ability to drive safely, it will send you a form to fill out. Once you have entered the required information and passed the examination, you need to submit the DMV driver medical evaluation form to the Department for further review. Based on it, a decision is made on the need to suspend your license.

Organizations that work with DS 326:

  • Department of motor vehicles.

How to Fill Out DS 326 Form?

Step 1: If you are a driver, open the form in our editor and complete the first, second, and third blocks on the first page of the California DS 326. You need to provide personal information, contact details, past injuries, and details of the hospital where you apply for the examination. Don’t forget to put a date and signature.
Step 2: The DMV medical evaluation form with the completed first page should be submitted to your physician for completion. The remaining sections describe the patient’s health status and identify diseases and medications that interfere with safe driving.
Step 3: In the last large block, the therapist should write a conclusion and allow or prohibit the patient from driving vehicles. It should also include the doctor’s full name, specialization, license number, and signature.
Step 4: The completed file should be submitted to the DMV at the address indicated on the form.

Fillable online DS 326 Driver Medical Evaluation
(4.9 / 5) 103 votes
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