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What is Doctors Note and Consent Form?

The doctor consent form serves as official proof that the patient and doctor reached an agreement in the diagnosis made by the doctor. This form may allow the doctor to use specific treatments to the patient or allow the patient to perform specific types of activities the doctor allowed. The doctors consent form is widely used in sports where sportsmen have to receive access to training.

What I need the Doctors Note and Consent Form for?

  • This form is required by a sports trainer in school or university. It certifies that the patient is aware of doctor’s diagnosis and is ready to perform certain activities;

  • It takes the responsibility from teachers since students are aware of the diagnosis and still ready to accept consequences;

  • Without this form many players or cheerleaders are not allowed to take part in competitions;

  • Variations of the form are used in companies by employees who have medical restrictions.

How to fill out Doctors Note and Consent Form?

Here you will learn how to fill consent form. It is simple and does not require much time. Normally it is filled by a doctor, but you still need to understand which information must be included in there to be an official document. You can choose PDFLiner for filling consent form free of charge. The form must contain:

  • The name of the association that requires the form;

  • Name of the patient and the weight;

  • The type of the activity this person takes part in;

  • Name and signature of the physician. There must be an address of the medical center or the office of the physician;

  • Include the date where the document was filled;

  • Include the name of the person who receives the consent, the signature of the parent if the person is underage, and the date;

  • There must be emergency medical information with contact addresses, phones, and the insurance company.

Organizations that work with Doctors Note and Consent Form:

  • Educational establishments;

  • Companies;

  • Sports centers.

Fillable online Doctors Note and Consent Form
(4.9 / 5) 45 votes
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