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What is DCI-608F Form?

The DCI-608F is a standard form for the arrest report provided by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, which is the local authority that operates inside the state. This document can be used only by professionals authorized by the department to perform such actions. It can’t be used by civilians or even concerned citizens. The form must be filled and filed directly to the Department. It is kept in the archives with similar records. The official representative of the Department has to gather information about the case before making an arrest. This person needs to describe the situation in the report. The charges have to match the procedure.

The document contains a detailed narrative description and the status of the case. If there is no further investigation, it must be marked in a specific section in the document. This form must be kept on the official’s device and be available whenever the situation occurs. This document is active on South Carolina territory. Yet, there are similar templates released in every state.

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What I need the DCI-608F Form for?

  • The report fixates the complaint made by the witness or the victim and is recorded by the official representative of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, which can be a police member or security official. It records the action of the arresting officer, making sure that there were no mistakes;

  • The document is required by the Department. The records are kept and can be later used in court to prove that the procedure of the arrest was made without mistakes;

  • Victims can later use the document to prove their point of view in court;

  • If there were mistakes in the arrest procedure the person who was arrested can use the form as well, to prove the mistake in court.

How to fill out DCI-608F Form?

The arest report is available on the official website of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. You can visit it and search for the document. There are not many instructions, but you can open it and read the names of the sections. If you want to fill it out online using your device, try PDFLiner. The editor contains all the tools you need. Fill one section after another in no time. After that, don’t forget to save it. You can send the document directly to the department, using email. Here is what you need to include in the form:

  1. Provide information on the agency, including name, ORI, time of arrest, OCA, arrest number, and residence tract;

  2. Include information on the arrestee, including name, address, employer’s name, age, race, place of birth, marks, tattoos;

  3. Provide information on the arrest, including the type of weapon if the person was armed, place of arrest, and charges;

  4. Provide information about the vehicle, if it was there, including VYR, model, make, style, license, and place of storage;

  5. Share information on the confined bond;

  6. Provide information on the drugs if they were at the time of arrest;

  7. Give the name of the complainant. Add the address and the phone number as well;

  8. Include the narrative of the arrest;

  9. Pick the appropriate status of the arrest.

Organizations that work with DCI-608F Form

  • North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

How to file change in arest report?

You can’t file this report if you are not an official representative, recognized by the state’s department of public safety. Moreover, you can’t use this document outside the states. If you want to make an arrest, you have to make sure that it is suited to the case which you can describe in the form. There are strict rules you have to follow once you describe the situation. Make sure you own all the data about the case before you do it. Once you fill it out, you have to send the document to the department. It is an official record, so you can’t make mistakes there.

How can I see a full report on a arest online?

You can ask for the report from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. To do it you need to fill a specific template and ask for the information in the records kept in the Department. If you don’t prove that you need this information or that you are a person of interest, the Department of Public Safety can easily decline your demand. The records are kept in their archives and not everyone can receive access to them. You have to make sure that your arguments are solid and that authorities can offer you information.

Fillable online DCI-608F Arest Report
(5 / 5) 1 votes
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