CHP 108A Bus Maintenance_ Safety Inspection


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What Is CHP 108A Form?

Also known as Bus Maintenance & Safety Inspection, it’s a checklist-based form designed for the purpose of conducting pre-trip inspections of a bus to guarantee carrier safety. You can find the CHP form 108A here on PDFLiner, download it for further offline use or fill it out digitally without even having to leave our website (or your sweet home, for that matter).

What the CHP 108A Form Is Used For

The file is used for:

  • pre-trip bus safety inspections;
  • documenting the results of those inspections;
  • potential safety issue identification;
  • ensuring that those issues are repaired ASAP;
  • ensuring that the bus adheres to all California safety requirements.

In other words, the document is utilized for guaranteeing the bus’s safety and pinpointing any potential safety concerns. Additionally, the document is also used for keeping tabs on the maintenance background of the bus.

How to Fill Out the CHP 108A Form

The document should be assessed by the operator of a California Highway Patrol bus before the bus is put in motion. It consists of 4 fillable pages and is definitely going to take some time to sort out. Here’s a brief step-by-step guide on how to fill it out online via our service:

  1. Log in to PDFLiner.
  2. Find the CHP 108A blank form template in our gallery.
  3. Launch it and wait until it loads.
  4. Indicate the name and contact details of the bus company.
  5. Specify the bus company’s California permit number.
  6. Enter the bus license plate number.
  7. Type the date of the inspection.
  8. Add the signature of the person performing the check-up.
  9. List all the defects detected during the inspection.
  10. Specify if they were repaired.
  11. Fill out the Lubrication and Inspection Report featured within the form.
  12. Provide all the necessary post-inspection details in the Repair Report.

Naturally, the easiest and fastest way to fill out the CHP 108A form PDF is online. Whether you need this template only or are on the prowl for other pre-made document forms, our platform has got you covered. Our features grant you the possibility to edit your files in an exceptionally versatile way, infuse them with fillable fields, incorporate your logo and branding colors, add legitimate and secure digital signatures, and many more.

How to Submit CHP 108A Form

Operators are free to forward the readily completed document to the address indicated on the form. Prior to doing it, don’t forget to proofread the information you indicated and correct mistakes if there are any. Accuracy should be your utmost priority when it comes to working with the CHP 108A form printable or fillable online.

Who Should Sign the Checklist

The person who performed the inspection (bus maintenance worker) should sign the document. Bear in mind that via PDFLiner, you get to add digital signatures to all your files in the speediest and most time-saving way possible. Our e-signatures are totally secure and legally binding. Incorporate them into your docs online on the go irrespective of your whereabouts.

Organizations That Work With the CHP Inspection Checklist

  • California Highway Patrol (CHP).
Fillable online CHP 108A Bus Maintenance_ Safety Inspection
(4.5 / 5) 96 votes
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