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What Is Character Profile Template?

This character profile template is not the common form you typically search for tax templates. While this form is rare, you may need it for your writing class or simply as a great helper to create your characters for the book. This simple tool can be used by anyone who needs to create a strong and trustable fictional character.

If you are an emergent writer and you want to check your literary skills, you can use this sheet to amaze readers. The detailed character profile template contains information about the character’s skills, positive emotions, negative experiences, bad habits to overcome during the narrative, and even data on the character’s family. Fill out the questionnaire for each character in the story to fill them more alive, and keep in mind each of them once you are writing a book.

You may create your own character profile template PDF in PDFLiner, or use the already-made template. The existing template is beneficial since it contains the questions and tables you may need for the character. The form can be downloaded and printed or filled out online.

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What I need the character profile template for?

  • Writers need an editable character profile template to improve their fictional characters and make sure they don’t miss anything about the character’s personality. They need to keep track of each character and make them more alive for the readers. This template helps to improve writing skills;
  • Teachers of creative writing need to have printable character profile template for the time when they want to describe the complicated character of each person. This is a helpful tool to not only teach the student to understand the complexity of each person’s nature but to become more skillful in every story. It is a well-known technique that allows for increasing writing skills.

How to Fill Out Character Profile Template?

There is nothing complicated about the online character profile template. However, you may find it uneasy to fill in the first place, especially if you have never done it before. It requires time to think about the character and the story behind it, You will find different variants of templates available online. PDFLiner offers the universal one with the main features gathered in one document.

You may start by opening a blank character profile template and filling it with all the tools you see in front of you at the upper panel. Save the document once all the sections are filled. Send the copy to the teacher or keep it for your personal use. You can also print the form if you need it. Here is what must be included in the template:

  1. Describe the character in the table, underlying the physical appearance, role in your story, problems that this character faces, accomplishments, and the name;
  2. Read the helpful tips if you can’t decide which parts of the character to concentrate on;
  3. Provide information on the name and age of the character;
  4. Fill the table with the character’s favorite and least favorite things, including food, hobbies, relatives, sports, books, clothes, and so on;
  5. Answer a simple questionnaire about the character.

Organizations that work with character profile template

  • Creative writing departments;
  • Publishers and literary agents.
Fillable online Character Profile Template
(4.6 / 5) 36 votes
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