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What Is a Character Map?

A blank character map is a visual or written tool that helps writers or filmmakers develop and organize the various aspects of their fictional characters. It serves as a reference or planning document to keep track of details such as physical attributes, personality traits, motivations, relationships, and character arcs.

More than 20 templates for creating characters are collected in a single document. You may choose any that will help you describe them in detail.

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What do I need the character map for?

  • The character map template PDF can be invaluable during the creative process if you write your own story for a book, movie, play, etc.
  • It helps to think through the details, keep things consistent, develop both the main story and the events in the background evenly, and so on.
  • Such a tool ensures that you don’t forget the important details of your characters and that their actions are logical and justified concerning their traits.

How to Fill Out the Character Map Template?

  1. There are no clear rules for filling out such a map. Just select the desired template and start working with it.
  2. Indicate the date of the character’s creation and devise a name for it.
  3. Start thinking about your character with basic/physical traits: gender, age, clothing style, strength, etc.
  4. Add character traits, weaknesses, behavioral patterns, and more.
  5. Think about what events happened to them in the past, whether they have family, friends, enemies, and so on.
  6. Give them goals and motivations that will guide them through the story.
  7. As a final twist, come up with an arc, that is, some event that will change your character.

How to use a character map?

The maps you create should serve as references to which you will return while writing a story. Regardless of the template you choose, write down the character’s basic characteristics, physical and psychological traits, backstory, connections, relationships, and arcs. Include those features that suit your narrative style. Create a map for each of your characters.

Now start writing the plot; as new characters appear in the story, check with each map to ensure that your characters’ behavior is consistent with the main idea.

Organizations that work with the character map printable

  • Any writers, creators, and storytellers
Fillable online Character Map
(4.9 / 5) 68 votes
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