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Understanding the Appraisal Addendum Form

The world of real estate can often be complex with various forms and documentation to understand. One such is the appraisal addendum form. In essence, this form serves as an additional report to the original appraisal, meant to provide extra information or correct potential errors. It can be instrumental to have clarity over this paperwork to ensure you're equipped at every step of your property dealing journey.

Role of an appraisal addendum real estate

The appraisal addendum real estate document plays a crucial role in property transactions. At times, the original appraisal makes certain assumptions or omits information about the property that could alter its appraised value. Often, these assumptions may be about property condition, zoning, or errors in square footage. The addendum is an easy way to bring these points into focus, providing a more concise and exact evaluation.

How to Efficiently Fill Out Appraisal Addendum

When it comes to how to fill out this form template, it's essential to be meticulous and provide relevant information in a concise way. Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Base your next step on the topmost part of the form, where you have to insert the property's complete and exact address. Ensure you include the house number, street name, city, state, and zip code within this section.
  2. Below the address section, find a table highlighting the subject property's characteristics, like the site area, dwelling size, age, and much more. Fill it out with the legitimate details.
  3. Take note of the "Comments on Market, Neighborhood, Improvements" section, where you are required to write down the comprehensive details regarding the property, followed by its market and improvement potential.
  4. Post this, and move on to the last part, named "Certification". The individuals involved in the appraisal have to put down their signatures here, along with their license number, state, and expiry date. The date of signature is also mandatory to get inserted in this section.

Common mistakes in completing an appraisal addendum form

Mistakes, no matter how minor, can have a significant impact on the appraisal, potentially leading to an inaccurate valuation. Here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when filling out the appraisal addendum form:

  • Incomplete Information: Be sure to provide all the relevant details and avoid leaving any sections blank. Incomplete information can lead to misunderstandings and could devalue the property. 
  • Lack of Evidence: If you're including new comparables or highlighting errors in the original appraisal, it's crucial to provide relevant evidence to support your claims. This can include photographs, documents, and other proofs.
  • Incorrect Calculations: Ensure that any calculations, especially where revised values are concerned, are checked and double-checked for accuracy.
  • Belated Submissions: The addendum should ideally be submitted soon after the original appraisal. Delayed submissions could lead to further complications in the property transaction.
Fillable online Appraisal Addendum
(4.9 / 5) 56 votes
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