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What Is the After-Action Report Template?

After-Action Report (often shortened to AAR) is a detailed critical review of measures taken in response to a health emergency or a public health event. This report helps identify the lessons learned, as well as develop the best strategies and fields for enhanced preparation for similar emergencies. The report is utilized for reassessing previous decisions and developing improvement plans.

This specific template is healthcare-oriented. However, you should know that AAR is a broad term that can be related to other settings such as military, aviation, or police. It is frequently used in corporate environments, as well.

What Do I Need the After-Action Report Template PDF For?

The particular document is a post-emergency response generated for:

  • identifying the best strategies, gaps, and lessons learned from an incident that happened on the healthcare scene;
  • pinpointing what worked well or not and how this knowledge can be used, maintained, processed, and shared in the future;
  • the sample After-Action Report template is used for speedy document processing. Instead of creating the document from scratch, you can adjust a pre-made template to your needs in a matter of a few hours maximum.

How to Fill Out the Simple After-Action Report Template

When filling out the form in question, ensure it includes and delves into the following basic points:

  1. Incident overview: what happened and when, as well as other details about the incident.
  2. Overall evaluation: post-incident observations, expectations, unplanned events, responsible people, strong points, potential opportunities, and post-action report analysis.
  3. Recommendations: In this section, you provide ways to refine performance in future similar situations.
  4. Improvement plan: In this section, you dwell upon the must-to-take measures in case of similar incidents in the future. Specify if any equipment or extra training is required for these measures.
  5. Conclusion. Here, you summarize all the previously outlined sections of your After-Action Report.

Save heaps of your precious time by adjusting the existing AAR template to your needs instead of creating the document from scratch. PDFLiner is where you can fill out all your docs online and modify them by making the most of the breadth of our online resources and tools. Add fillable fields, incorporate digital signatures, infuse your corporate files with branding elements, and the like. To make your docs valid, avoid mistakes in them at all costs.

Organizations That Work With the Event After-Action Report Template

  • Healthcare facilities.
Fillable online After Action Report Template
(4.6 / 5) 36 votes
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