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What Is an Addendum to Purchase Agreement?

It’s an additional document that gets attached to the purchase and sale agreement and thus modifies and adds new terms to the initial agreement. In the majority of cases, a short-sale Addendum to Purchase Agreement modifies closing dates, inspection periods, or prices. Both parties of the original contract should agree to the alterations made in the Addendum to Purchase Agreement PDF. A free and customizable template of this agreement can be found here, on PDFLiner. You’re welcome to launch it right here and right now and fill it out the way you see fit.

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What do I need the addendum to purchase agreement form for?

You need this document:

  • to efficiently amend or expand the terms and conditions of the original contract;
  • to adjust, clarify, or annul a section of the initial agreement.

Addendums are frequently used in the real estate scene. Most real estate experts will advise you to attach the addendum to the contract instead of striking out sections within the contract. The addendum makes the contract clearer and easier to read. While strikeouts are heavy on the eyes and can lead to legal issues in the long run.

When a financing Addendum to Purchase and Sale Agreement is signed and certified, it negates the initial terms and conditions. With regard to the templates of this agreement, you need them to switch to digital document management and therefore, speed up your administrative affairs.

How to Fill Out the Addendum to Purchase Agreement Template

When filling out the blank Addendum to Purchase and Sale Agreement, ensure that you include the following crucial information:

  • purchase agreement effective date;
  • buyer and seller ID data;
  • property address;
  • changes to the original contract.

With that said, here are quick step-by-step instructions on filling out the form:

  1. Indicate the document ID number.
  2. Specify the buyer’s and seller’s names.
  3. Input property address.
  4. Provide details on the changes in the initial agreement.
  5. Input the buyer’s and seller’s signatures.
  6. Specify the agent's name.

The perks of filling out the form online are obvious: You work fast, keep yourself better organized, easily avoid typos, and save heaps of your treasured time along the way. So, equip yourself with the tools offered by PDFLiner and enjoy streamlining your administrative affairs by switching to digital document processing. It’s fast, easy, and cost-effective.

Organizations that work with the addendum to purchase and sale agreement

  • Real estate companies;
  • law firms.
Fillable online Addendum to Purchase Agreement
(4.9 / 5) 103 votes
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