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How to Share a Subscription to PDFLiner

Did you know that you can share your Pro or Premium subscription on PDFLiner with up to three or five people, respectively? By making the most of this splendid opportunity, you get to share all the amazing benefits of our service with someone who really needs them, too. Read on to learn how to share a subscription plan with your employees, colleagues, friends, or family members. 

Subscription Sharing: Step-by-Step Guide & Benefits

PDF editing services have become a must-have for freelancers, company employees, as well as business owners throughout the world. They automate the document sharing process, allowing people to easily edit, share, and e-sign documents of all kinds and purposes. Planning to share your PDFLiner paid subscription with someone special? Good for you! We’ll let you in on the procedure in a matter of moments.

Learning how to add users to your Pro or Premium plan on PDFLiner is a cakewalk. Just follow these quick steps to achieve success:

1. Sign up to a Pro or Premium subscription plan.
2. Log into your account.

PDFLiner main page with an arrow showing where to log in
3. Select Invite Users.
4. Hit the red Invite New Users button. 

PDFLiner dashboard with 2 arrows showing how to invite users
5. Enter the email of a user you want to invite to share your subscription plan with and hit Invite. That’s about it. Yes, it’s as easy as ABC!

Share a Subscription form with an arrow showing where to enter email

After that, the user(s) you’re about to add to your upgraded subscription will receive a notification email letting them know that they have been added to your plan. In case this user doesn’t have an account on PDFLiner, they’ll also receive login details they’ll be able to use to enter the service. 

The benefits of a shared subscription are truly incredible. At no extra cost, each person you add to your subscription plan will enjoy:

  • editing their files the way they see fit: no limits, no strings attached;
  • accessing and working on their files on the go;
  • the possibility to streamline their workflow and feel the blissfulness of going paperless;
  • the possibility to save their time and money;
  • the chance to, instead of rummaging through tax/financial files, concentrate on what’s really important: bringing the money in. 

With all that said, by sharing your upgraded subscription with someone, you let them save time and money creating and sharing files, as well as editing them in a multitude of ways and digitally signing them. The benefits are tremendous, so just give this amazing option a go without a shadow of a doubt.

FAQ: PDF Sharing Subscription Popular Questions

  • How many people can I invite to use my Premium plan?
    The number of people you can invite depends on the subscription plan you’re using. For the Pro plan, it’s three people, for the Premium plan, it’s five.
  • Can I invite more than 5 people to one subscription plan?
    Yes. We offer our service subscribers this unique possibility, too. Just contact us to get the discussion going and talk the details through with our team.
  • Why should I share my subscription?
    There’s a treasure trove of reasons why sharing your Pro or Premium subscription to PDFLiner is a smart choice. First, it’s time-saving. Second, it’s super convenient. Third, if, say, you’re planning to add your employees to your subscription, it will allow you to delegate your endless document chores and focus on turning your team’s success into multiple streams of income flowing into your business.
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