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What is MVR 180 Form?

The MVR 180 document is known as the North Carolina odometer disclosure statement. This form is widely used by the owners of vehicles registered in North Carolina. The blank was created and provided by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. It has the purpose of officially registering the odometer numbers that are currently shown. The numbers must be stated in miles. The NC MVR-180 form contains specific information about the vehicle in general, including the year, model, and developer. The information is required by those who want to buy the car as well.

You need NC DMV form MVR 180 if you want to sell your vehicle. This form will officially prove the state of your vehicle. Moreover, it makes the numbers you state official. The form can be later used by the Department of Motor Vehicle or by the buyer of the car in court, to prove their point of view.

Form MVR 180 on PDFLiner

What I need the MVR 180 Form for?

  • You need an odometer disclosure statement NC in case you are a seller and you want to sell the vehicle. In this situation, you have to fill the form as an official statement that describes the odometer current numbers and the general data on the car. It can attract the attention of the customer and help you to close the deal successfully;
  • You can use the MVR 180 odometer disclosure statement if you are a buyer and you want to make sure that you are not getting fooled by the seller. The seller has to provide detailed information on the car, and be able to prove the numbers that were stated in the North Carolina form MVR 180;
  • This form is also required by the NC Department of Motor Vehicles. The information must come to the archive and can be extracted at the request of one of the parties.

How to Fill Out MVR 180 Form?

You can find NC MVR 180 form here on the PDFLiner. Don’t worry, it would not cost you anything. An alternative is to dig through numerous documents offered on the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles' official website. Here you can easily enter the form and fill it out using the editor’s tools. Once you provide all the information about the car based on MVR 180 instructions, you may send the document to the other party. Leave the empty spaces for the buyer to fill.

You can download the form, complete it online and send it by email, or you can print it and hand it to the other person. Here is what you need to include in MVR 180 NC:

  1. Provide detailed information about the vehicle, including year, body style, make, series model, plate number, and ID;
  2. Describe the situation with the odometer, name the miles that are currently on the odometer;
  3. Fill the seller’s section with the signature, printed name, address, and certification date;
  4. Leave the buyer’s section empty for the buyer to fill.

Organizations that work with MVR 180 Form

  • North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.
Fillable online Form MVR 180 Odometer Disclosure Statement
(4.9 / 5) 108 votes
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