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What Is A Form 8886-T

Form 8886-T, also known as the Disclosure by Tax-Exempt Entity Regarding Prohibited Tax Shelter Transaction, is a tax document required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax-exempt entities to disclose information about certain transactions. It essentially serves as a declaration by organizations not subject to income tax yet participating in transactions that could be used for tax avoidance or evasion.

When to Use IRS Form 8886 T

The situations in which IRS Form 8886 T becomes relevant include:

  • This includes listed transactions that are the same or substantially similar to one the IRS has determined to be a tax avoidance transaction and formally listed.
  • Suppose the tax-exempt entity enters into a transaction offered to the entity under conditions of confidentiality and for which the entity has paid an advisor a fee. In that case, it may trigger the need for this form.
  • Any transaction that the entity enters into where it has the right to a full or partial refund of fees if all or part of the intended tax consequences are not sustained may require form 8886-T.
  • As defined by the IRS, other transactions that a tax-exempt entity participates in have a significant tax avoidance purpose.

How To Fill Out Form 8886 T Instruction

Filling out Form 8886 T is a detailed process that involves several steps:

  • Start by providing the identifying information of the tax-exempt entity, including its name and Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Indicate the calendar year in which the entity participated in the transaction.
  • Provide a detailed description of the transaction, including the expected tax benefits and how the transaction was structured.
  • If the transaction is a listed transaction, certain additional information is required, such as the name of the transaction, the listing notice number, and the date the entity entered into the transaction.
  • Disclose information regarding any related parties involved in the transaction and details of their participation.
  • If any material advisors were involved, include their identifying information as well.

When to File IRS Form 8886 T

The tax-exempt entity must file IRS Form 8886 T for each year that the entity participates in the transaction it is meant to disclose, with the initial filing due by May 15 after the end in which the entity first became a participant. It should be attached to the entity's tax return if it files one or filed separately if it does not. For each subsequent year that the transaction is ongoing, the form must be filed by May 15th of the following year.

Ensuring that this form is filled out accurately and filed on time is crucial for tax-exempt entities to remain compliant with IRS regulations and to avoid the imposition of penalties.

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(4.6 / 5) 108 votes
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