Cleaning Services Contract


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What is Cleaning Services Contract Form?

The fillable Cleaning Services Contract is a business agreement between the independent contract and the person or company that requires specific services. You may download the Cleaning Services Contract to specify the requirements. It can be calculated in the tax form. You may attach to the documents you are sending to the IRS.

What I need the Cleaning Services Contract form for?

  • The blank must be read by both parties who take part in the process to make their relations completely discussed;
  • This form is used for the information on the services that must be provided and any specific demands if there are some;
  • The document confirms the arranged amount of money the employer is going to pay for the services;
  • This document is also used for the cleaning services on a scheduled basis.  Depending on the conditions you agree on, the payment can be made daily, weekly, or monthly.

How to fill out Cleaning Services Contract?

The pdf document is already on this page. You may download it or read it online. The form is simple to complete and does not require much effort from you. It is free of charge but if you want to use notary public, you have to pay for the services separately. You can also print this form in several copies and provide them for both parties. Include in the form the next information:

  • The date of the agreement;
  • Name of the client, address, city of residence, and the state;
  • Name of the cleaner, address, city of residence, and the state;
  • Commencement date;
  • Duties of the cleaner. If you have something specific to include in the document, do it in Box 3;
  • Amount of payment for an hour and for the whole period of work;
  • Method of payment;
  • Signatures and date.

Organizations that work with Cleaning Services Contract

  • It is accepted by both the cleaner and the client.
Fillable online Cleaning Services Contract
(4.8 / 5) 102 votes
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