CG2037 Form - Commercial General Liability


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Get your CG2037 Form - Commercial General Liability in 3 easy steps

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What Is a CG2037 Endorsement Form?

CG2037 endorsement form is a document used to empower an insured individual to include one or more people or organizations specified in the form as an additional insured. The only limitation is that these new insured will get the sum no more than permitted by the law.

What Do I Need CG2037 Form For?

  • CG2037 insurance form is required to modify the already settled insurance policy conditions;
  • It serves to add another person, more people, or organizations to the policy terms, with respect to bodily injury or property damage caused;
  • The form contains the respective information about the description and location of completed operations.

Organizations That Work With CG2037 Form

  • Insurance Services Office.

How to Fill Out CG2037 Form?

  1. Push the blue button on this page to get a CG2037 fillable form and complete it online.
  2. Add the name of an additional insured person(s) or organization(s) in the left column of the Schedule provided.
  3. Specify the location and description of completed operations in the right column of the table.
  4. Get acknowledged with the details specified under the Schedule. Note that this endorsement shouldn’t increase the applicable limits of insurance determined in declarations.
  5. Click on the Done button to save the finished PDF file on your PC. You can also print it out further and later use a paper copy because this document is printable.

CG2037 Form Screenshot

Fillable online CG2037 Form - Commercial General Liability
(4.6 / 5) 78 votes
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