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What Is a Canadian Customs Declaration Form?

The Canadian Customs Declaration form is a legal document that you'll need to complete when bringing goods into Canada. Whether you are a resident or a visiting traveler, filling out this form correctly is essential to ensure a smooth entry process. For any misrepresentation or omission of declared goods, penalties can range from fines to seizure of items.

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Importance of the Canadian Custom Declaration form

Visitors' experiences in Canada can often be colored by their first interaction with Canadian customs. Understanding how to correctly fill out the Canadian customs declaration form for visitors can significantly speed up this process. Visitors must declare any goods they are bringing into Canada, including gifts and food items. The declaration form also inquires about any large sums of money carried exceeding CAD 10,000 or its equivalent.

How to Fill Out Canadian Custom Declaration Form PDF

A big question many travelers have is about filling out this Canadian form. The main thing you need to remember in the process is that it is crucial to fill out each section with accurate information:

  1. Start by filling in the Vendor section. Input the Name, Company, and two address details, Address 1 and Address 2. Next, fill out the City, Province/State, Country, and Postal/Zip Code.
  2. Proceed to note the Date of Direct shipment to Canada using the yyyy-mm-dd format. 
  3. Under the 'Other References' section, add the Purchaser's Order Number, Bill of Lading information, and any Other References if applicable in the specific fields.
  4. Fill in the Consignee section with their Name, Company, two addresses (Address 1 and 2), City, Province/State, Country, and Postal/Zip Code.
  5. If the Purchaser is not the Consignee, fill in the 'Purchaser name and address (if other than consignee) with the Name, Company, two addresses (Address 1 and 2),' City, Province/State, Country, and Postal/Zip Code.
  6. Input the Country of Transhipment and the Country of Origin of Goods in the respective fields.
  7. Indicate the mode of Transportation. Fill in the detailed information of Carrier Name, Contact info, Port of Entry, and Date-Time of shipment.
  8. Specify the Conditions of sale and terms of payment in the provided field. It could be a sale, consignment shipment, leased goods, etc.
  9. Note the Currency of the transaction in the 'Currency of settlement' field.
  10. In the 'Number of packages' section, provide details about Specification of Commodities, like the kind of packages, marks, and numbers, general description and characteristics, i.e., grade, quality. 
  11. Also, fill in the Country of Origin, HS Tariff Classification (if known), Quantity, Selling price (Unit price, Total), Total weight, and Invoice Total.
  12. If the Exporter and Vendor are different entities, specify the Exporter's name and address in the given field.

Input the Originator's name and address in the final section of the form.

Points to bear in mind

While filling out the Canadian customs declaration form, ensure all information provided is honest and precise. You must disclose all goods you are bringing, including souvenirs or gifts. When calculating the value of goods, use the price you paid for them plus any sales taxes. Undervaluing items to avoid paying duty may result in penalties.

Understanding the ins and outs of the Canadian Customs Declaration form pdf is essential for any traveler entering Canada. Please consult professionals or Canadian customs officials if you have any doubts. This will ensure a hassle-free experience when you arrive at the Canadian border, ready to enjoy everything this incredible country offers.

Fillable online Canadian Customs Declaration Form
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