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What Is a Bicycle Rental Agreement Template?

The Bicycle Rental Agreement template was created by the Bike Cellar company which provides rental services to its clients. If you are in Tempe, AZ, you can use this service to rent a cycle for a specific period of time. This is a standard Bicycle Rental Agreement Form that you can use as a template for your business as well. 

The document identifies the vehicle, its owner, and the client who wants to rent it. It secures both sides with the limitations and deadline for the bike's return. The information allows the client to prove their point of view once the deadline is met and there is no damage to the vehicle. Meanwhile, it also secures the rights of the owner, so the client can’t steal the bike, damage it, or use it more than it was paid for. If the bike is missing, the company or a person who rented it can go to the police with this agreement signed by the client.

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What do I need the bicycle rental agreement template for?

  • All rental businesses that rent cycles to clients require the Bicycle Rental Form Agreement. It guarantees the bike return by the deadline for a fixed amount of money;
  • Clients need a Rental Agreement Form for a Bicycle to ensure that the price is fixed and the renter provides the cycle in the particular condition described in the agreement. There is also a deadline that allows clients to calculate the distance and the time of use.

How to Fill Out the Bicycle Rental Agreement Template?

You can find a sample Bicycle Rental Agreement here, on PDFLiner. You may fill it out online using the editor. If you want, you can print it and complete it manually. Another option is to fill it out online and save it on your device. You may even grant your client an electronic Rental Agreement for a Bicycle via email. You have to include the following information:

  1. Write down the information about the renter, including their name, phone, email, address, and date of birth.
  2. Describe the bike, including its ID, color, the time when it was taken, and when it is expected to be returned.
  3. Calculate the rental amount and the security deposit.
  4. Describe the additional accessories that come with the bicycle.
  5. Include the renter’s signature, name, and date.

Organizations that work with bicycle rental agreement template

  • The Bike Cellar and other renting companies.
Fillable online Bicycle Rental Agreement Template
(4.9 / 5) 32 votes
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