TATA AIG Intimation Cum Preliminary Claim Form


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What is Intimation Cum Preliminary Claim Form?

This TATA AIG motor claim form is part of the services the TATA AIG insurance company provides to its members. This is a standard document that must be filled out during the vehicle incident that is covered by the insurance. If you are not sure whether your case matches the claim to the TATA AIG, you have to call them or contact the center via SMS immediately. However, you have to keep in mind that the insurance company does not take the statement as an admission of liability.

There will be a detailed investigation of the accident before making a decision. This is why it is highly important to be specific in filling TATA AIG car insurance claim form. You need to provide facts that can be proven during the investigation. If your version is accepted, you receive compensation, and the case is recorded as the one that matches the insurance agreement.
The template is not that long and contains sections you need to fill with information. There is a diagram you need to fill in as well. Don’t forget to complete both pages so insurance agents can receive details on the accident.

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What I need the Intimation Cum Preliminary Claim Form for?

  • As a driver, you need a TATA AIG motor claim form PDF to provide the report on the accident that happened on the road to the insurance company. However, you need to be a member of this particular program, or you will not receive any compensation. This document works only for the members of the TATA AIG insurance policy;
  • As a representative of TATA AIG insurance company, you have to receive the TATA AIG general insurance motor claim form from the driver to make sure that the case matches basic demands. Once the document is received, you need to check the information and investigate the situation properly before concluding this case.

How to Fill Out Intimation Cum Preliminary Claim Form?

You will easily find TATA AIG motor claim intimation on the insurance company's official website. You can download the document on your device and later search for the third-party editor that helps fill PDF documents online. If you want to save your energy, just open the form on PDFLiner. You will find it there at once and enter it in one click.

Open and use the editing tools you see in front of you to fill empty sections and even draw the diagram that is required. Once you are done, save the original on your computer, just in case, and send the copy to the insurance company. Here is what you have to include in the template:

  1. Provide the information on the claimant, including name, email, address, and mobile number;
  2. Share the details on the accident, including the date when it occurred, type of loss, and description of the damage;
  3. Provide information for the commercial vehicle, if it is your case;
  4. Provide information about the case from the police if there was a call;
  5. Provide details on any injuries or death to the third parties if there were any;
  6. Draw a diagram of the accident;
  7. Sign the document.

Organizations that work with Intimation Cum Preliminary Claim Form

  • TATA AIG Insurance Company Ltd.
Fillable online AIG Commercial Vehicle Insurance Rural Claim Form
(4.5 / 5) 58 votes
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