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Understanding a Storage Agreement Form

In a world conjested by physical goods, the need for storage facilities by individuals and businesses remains ever vital. With this heightened demand comes the significance of understanding a storage lease agreement. The agreement is a contract that puts into ink the terms and conditions under which a lessor agrees to rent out storage space to a lessee. The purpose is to provide safety for personal belongings or business commodities. 

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Advantages of a storage agreement template

The role played by a storage agreement template cannot be overstated. A template acts as a pre-written document, providing the guide typically used to draft a personalized contract. Having such a blueprint significantly decreases the required effort and time to produce a comprehensive storage agreement. As legal professionals usually draft templates, they ensure all necessary legal provisions are accounted for, reducing the chances of potential issues.

How to Fill Out Storage Lease Agreement

When it comes to filling out a storage agreement form, accuracy and attention to detail are crucial.

  1. Begin with the Storage Space section of the form. Navigate to the space labeled 'Storage Space No –' and input the unique identification number of your allocated storage space.
  2. Move on to the space labeled 'Located at'. Here, you need to provide the exact location of your storage space. This could be a street address or a specific area within a building. 
  3. The next section is about the 'Licensor/Licensee details.' Fill in the full name and contact details (address, city, state, and zip code) of both the licensor and licensee into the allocated spaces.
  4. Under the 'Term' section, enter the starting date of storage in the 'Commencement Date' field and the end date in the 'Termination Date' field. 
  5. For the rental amount, navigate to the section labeled 'Base Rent' and input the amount you've agreed upon with the storage owner.
  6. Move on to the 'Deposit' section. If a deposit is required, fill in the amount in the designated field.
  7. Under 'Use of Storage Space', describe in detail the type or nature of items intended to be stored in the space provided. 
  8. Fill in any additional terms and conditions agreed upon between the licensor and licensee in the 'Additional Provisions' section.
  9. Finally, both the licensor and licensee should sign and date the form at the 'Licensor' and 'Licensee' signature fields located at the bottom of the form. There's also a field for witnesses to sign if necessary.
  10. Review the form to ensure all the information entered is accurate. 
  11. Now, you can save and download, email, or print your completed storage agreement contract. 

Common mistakes with storage agreement

Regarding potential mistakes with a storage lease agreement, there are a few common oversights to avoid.

  • Incorrect or Incomplete Information: This common error can cause confusion and disputes. Always ensure the storage agreement form contains accurate and complete personal details, storage unit description, payment terms, and agreement duration. 
  • Not Reviewing Contract Terms: Failing to comprehensively review contract terms can lead to disagreements. Both parties must understand terms about access, liability for injuries or damages, and termination procedures in the storage agreement contract.
  • Skipping Clauses: Missing out important clauses can lead to misunderstandings and potential legal disputes. Ensure to include clauses on the proprietor's right to seize and sell contents if rent remains unpaid.
  • Not Keeping Copies: Many times parties forget to keep copies of the storage agreement form. Always maintain copies for tracking details and for evidence in cruel disagreements or disputes.
  • Missing Signatures: A storage agreement without the signatures of all parties involved is deemed incomplete. The agreement should always be signed, and the signing should be witnessed for legality.

Fillable online Storage Agreement
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