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What Are REG 256A Miscellaneous Certifications?

A REG form 256 is also known as the Miscellaneous Certifications form. It is the most popular way for a disabled veteran to receive a license plate. The form REG 256 was created by Californian officials and is considered a local form. This REG 256 form DMV is used as proof that a driver needs the smog certification for ownership transfer.

What Do I Need the REG 256A Miscellaneous Certifications For?

  • You need the REG 256 DMV CA form to prove that you don’t require smog certification once you decide to pass the ownership of your vehicle to another person;
  • You need the DMV form REG 256A to claim that you are going to transfer the ownership of the vehicle to someone else;
  • You have to fill out the REG 256 California DMV form whenever you need to receive documents for the title transfer;
  • The DMV REG 256A Form is also widely used to inform the officials that you want to install the carrier or wheelchair lift.

How to Fill Out REG 256A Miscellaneous Certifications?

If you are looking for how to fill out a Statement of Facts DMV, you can find it on PDFLiner. The REG 256 DMV California form is totally free of charge. You can open it and benefit from the REG 256 download function by saving it on your device. You may fill it out online, using the editor. Here is what you need to include in the REG 256A California DMV form:

  1. Put a tick near the box that matches your current situation if you are a disabled veteran.
  2. Put a tick in section B if the statement is right.
  3. Fill in the details of the ownership of the vehicle if you are an Indian in section C of REG 256A.
  4. If the vehicle was stolen, fill in section D.
  5. Put ticks in the appropriate boxes in section E if you use the vehicle for habitation.
  6. Put your signature in section F.

Organizations That Work With REG 256A Miscellaneous Certifications

State of California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Fillable online REG 256A Miscellaneous Certifications
(4.7 / 5) 83 votes
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