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What Is a Monthly Pool Service Agreement?

Pools need to be serviced every week. This is done by hiring special companies to regularly clean the pools and restock the water cleaners. Use the Monthly Pool Service Agreement to describe the responsibilities and rights of pool companies. To do this, you must be aware of what is a Monthly Pool Service Agreement form.

This agreement also contains information about pool service fees. The fillable Monthly Pool Service Agreement is between individuals and companies, as well as between organizations.

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What do I need the monthly pool service agreement for?

If you have a pool, you can hire a special crew to service it. A standard pool maintenance contract describes the duties, frequency of services, and amount of compensation. You can download the Monthly Pool Service Agreement to print the blank and fill it out manually. The form must be signed by the customer and the contractor (representative of the company that will service the pool on the approved terms).

This document is not clearly regulated, as it is considered universal. Its use between the customer and the contractor is not obligatory, but it is desirable if you want to fix the terms of work and payment in writing. 

How to Fill Out a Monthly Pool Service Agreement?

If you don't want to fill out a blank form, you should know how to fill out {form name}. There are several items in this contract:

  • Customer and contractor contact information;
  • Address of work;
  • Data about the pool to be worked with (its size, type, quantity);
  • Terms of work and payment (e.g., frequency of pool maintenance and monthly fee).

This document can be downloaded online in PDF format. You do not need to pay anything! The form is available completely free of charge. 

Organizations that work with monthly pool service agreement:

  • All commercial organizations that provide pool services. 
Fillable online Monthly Pool Service Agreement
(4.8 / 5) 107 votes
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