Colorado DORA Sellers Property Disclosure (Commercial) (SPD19C)


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Get your Colorado DORA Sellers Property Disclosure (Commercial) (SPD19C) in 3 easy steps

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What is Seller’s Property Disclosure Form?

Colorado seller disclosure form is a legal document that binds two parties, seller and buyer, over the commercial property selling. This is a final document that was created by the Colorado Real Estate Commission to ease the life of real estate agents and sellers/buyers involved in the property purchase.

Before you can sign the document, you need to make sure that the other forms were signed and that both parties agree with the conditions. Since it is a legal document, it is better for both parties to consult their attorneys and make sure that the form matches their demands and that all aspects are discussed in advance. Commercial property deals usually contain stricter rules and penalties in case one of the parties does not follow the agreement.

The seller's property disclosure Colorado must be completed by the seller himself/herself, even if a broker represents the party. Before the form is filled out, make sure that the property is situated in Colorado and that you follow the local rules. For other states, there are other documents to be filled in.

Colorado DORA Sellers Property Disclosure (Commercial) (SPD19C) on PDFLiner

What I need the Seller’s Property Disclosure Form for?

  • As the seller, you need a Colorado seller disclosure form to make sure that everything is alright with the agreement and that you are ready to name the new owner. This document secures your interests and protects you from any problems with the buyer. The seller must fill out the document only after all the agreements were reached. It becomes legal after it is signed;
  • The buyer needs a printable seller's disclosure form from the seller to be able to become the new owner of the commercial property. The document contains the list of additions that come with the purchase, including the services the house provides and the comments the seller gives.

How to Fill Out Seller’s Property Disclosure Form?

You can easily find Colorado sellers property disclosure on the Internet. The form is available on the official website of the Colorado Real Estate Commission and can be downloaded from there. However, if you don’t want to waste your time downloading and printing the form just to fill it out, use PDFLiner.

This editor of PDF documents allows you to open the form and complete it online. Use numerous tools that PDFLiner offers. Once you fill in all the sections, make sure that the information is correct and save it on your device. You can send the agreement to the other party via email or print it and hand it in person. Here is what must be included in the blank seller's disclosure form:

  1. Provide details on the agreement that was made between seller and buyer, including the date, address of the property, name of the seller, and the year the property was built;
  2. Include the information on the improvements that were made to the property. Describe all the problems and how you fixed them;
  3. Sign the document, put the date;
  4. Ask the buyer to sign the document and provide the correct date as well.

Colorado DORA Sellers Property Disclosure (Commercial) (SPD19C)

Organizations that work with Seller’s Property Disclosure Form

  • Colorado Real Estate Commission;
  • Sellers and buyers of real estate property in Colorado.


  • How to sign Seller’s Property Disclosure Form?

    You can sign the document manually after you print it. The form has to be handed to another party to sign after you as well. To simplify the process, you can use PDFLiner, which offers you to create an electronic signature. You can change the font if you like, download the image of the signature from your phone camera, or even draw it in PDFLiner. Once you create it, you can save it on your device. Make sure that the state’s laws allow you to use e-signature in the document. Usually, e-signature is recognized around the states. You can suggest the other party do the same.

Fillable online Colorado DORA Sellers Property Disclosure (Commercial) (SPD19C)
(4.5 / 5) 92 votes
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