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  • CV Template CV Template What is CV Template?  It’s a professional document that outlines your education history and employment background. You’re going to need to attach your CV every time you’re out looking for a new job. With this excellent template, you
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  • Nursing Resume Template Nursing Resume Template What is Nursing Resume Template? A resume template for nurses is a type of resume template specifically designed for nurses. It includes all of the necessary information that an employer would need to know about a prospective employee, such as education a
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What is a Resume?

A resume is a document that contains detailed information about a person, including their origin, education, previous and current jobs, skills, and even hobbies. A resume PDF form was created to simplify the work on your own resume, since all you need to do is provide information in already created sections.

There are different types of resume templates in the PDFLiner catalog. You will find a minimalistic version and a classic one. There are resume templates of different designs. Yet, they are all empty and wait for your personal information. This is not an official form, and it does not require your signature or witnesses.

What does a resume look like?

There is no strict rule about this form. Everyone can create a resume to their own taste. However, there is a list of information you have to include to make your resume consistent:

  • Your name, address, and contacts;
  • Education;
  • Working experience with the years you’ve spent on each position;
  • Technical and soft skills;
  • Languages you speak;
  • Certifications of accomplishments, professional achievements.

You may also tell more about your hobbies if you have them, and they are significant for your work. If you are a volunteer, you can mention this too. If you believe that it will help you with your job, share the goals you have.

How to fill out a Resume Template?

To be able to use the already created form, you need to use a resume maker like PDFLiner. It has numerous templates for you. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a professional job resume:

  • find the form you need and press ‘Fill Out Form’ on its page;
  • press the ‘Photo Field’ and choose the appropriate photo for your resume. You can upload it via PDFLiner from your device;
  • name the education and list the positions you have. You may start from your latest or current job and move to the first one;
  • share information on how to contact you;
  • describe your special skills;
  • press the ‘Done’ red button to save the template after you fill it.
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