Birthday Party Agreement Template


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What Is Birthday Party Agreement Template?

The fillable Birthday Party Agreement Template is the agreement between two parties about the organization of the birthday party. This is a business agreement, and it usually includes that list of services that will be provided and the payment. One of the parties can download Birthday Party Agreement Template, fill it, and pass it to the other party for signature. You may attach this information to the tax calculations.

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What I need the birthday party contract template for?

  • The blank filled with the information about the birthday party preparations can be considered as the official agreement between the client and service provider;
  • The form is used for detailed information on the services one party want to receive and the payment that will be given for these services;
  • The form clarifies the time and the place of the birthday party. You can also include extra services that were not mentioned in the original text.

How to Fill Out the Birthday Party Agreement Template?

The pdf version of the Birthday Party Agreement Template can be downloaded from this page. This form is originally taken from Parkettes. You can print it and file it if you need Parkettes’ services. You may also change the form online to the other company that provides services for the birthday party. The form is free of charge, no matter which company you refer to. You don’t have to pay anything. You need to provide the following information:

  • Names and phone numbers of both parties;
  • Date of birthday;
  • The maximum amount of children and the number of instructors that will be there;
  • The fee for the services;
  • The number of services that will be provided;
  • If there are any extra conditions, you have to include them there;
  • Party giver and services provider signatures.

Organizations that work with birthday party agreement template

  • Party giver and service provider;
Fillable online Birthday Party Agreement Template
(4.5 / 5) 95 votes
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