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Docstoc Alternative Though PDFLiner and Docstoc both provide users with their libraries with tax, medical, educational, and other documents templates, our platform has some more features to offer. Here you can edit any PDF file and save forms in your account. There is no need to print them because you can sign them online. Below, you can explore the features that make our service a noteworthy Docstoc competitor. 

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Docstoc Features PDFLiner Provides

Docstoc provides users with diverse forms; there are financial, business, educational, and other templates on the platform. Currently, Docstoc is not available for working with documents, but it’s useful to compare the main functions of Docstoc vs PDFLiner to see their similarities. 

  1. Templates library

    Our service, as well as Docstoc, offers a large library with multiple form templates. Here you can find all obliged documents for either company building or personal use. Among them, there are financial, business, legal, and tax forms.

  2. Easy navigation

    Both platforms divided the existing forms into several categories for easier search. You can look through them, bookmark the ones you need, and save them in your account.

  3. Diverse document formats

    Besides the PDF format, you may save your files in JPG and PNG. Docstoc also supports .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .txt documents.

  4. No forms limitations

    There is no limitation on the number of documents you may download or add to your account when using PDFLiner or Docstoc. You will have free access to installation so that you can print documents at any time you want.

  5. Support team

    If you have some issues with filling out a form or finding the required one, the PDFLiner support team is always here to help. As for Docstoc, it has a blog where you can find helpful tips.

What Else Can You Get with PDFLiner?

PDFLiner is widely used for its extensive templates library. It allows you to edit and save documents in your account. Here is a list of features that make PDFLiner a reliable alternative to Docstoc:

  1. Filling out the forms online

    Many users claim PDFLiner is one of the most efficient Docstoc alternatives because you can fill out the documentation using the web program.

  2. Editing PDFs

    When you choose the form you need, you can open it with the PDFLiner editor. It allows you to edit both the documents and templates you find on PDFLiner.

  3. Adding images, text, checkboxes, etc.

    You may upload photos and add diverse fields, including text, checkbox, dropbox, and ratio ones.

  4. Signing documents online

    An e-signature is one of the most popular features on our site. You might find it helpful since it saves your time, making the signing process effortless. PDFLiner offers four ways of how you can sign a document online. The editor can automatically create its written version. Also, you can make a signature using a computer mouse or tablet. Other methods include taking a photo of your signature with a web camera or uploading the existing one.

  5. Converting PDFs to another format

    With PDFLiner, you can convert PDFs to JPG. You can also upload your document in PDF, JPG, and PNG.

  6. The option to add dates to your form

    You don’t have to print a form to add a date or signature, you may do it online with PDFLiner.

Whether your file is native, scanned, or in JPG format, you can edit and share it in mere moments via PDFLiner

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