Fillable ABF Freight Blind Bill of Lading


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What Is a Blind Bill of Lading?

Let’s start with what blind shipment is. It’s a standard dropshipping pattern when you send the goods to your customers directly from the supplier but without providing access to the supplier’s information. The document that records the details about this shipment is referred to as blind BOL. And that’s pretty much it when it comes to the blind bill of lading definition.

ABF Freight Blind Bill of Lading Screenshot

What I need the blind bill of lading form for?

Here are the paramount reasons for using this form:

  • it serves as a receipt for the products shipped;

  • it’s a legally binding document that protects the parties’ interests;

  • it keeps your supplier anonymous.

In case you’re currently searching for this particular type of BOL, you’ve come to the right place. PDFLiner features a huge gallery of sector-specific templates to cover most of your work-related and personal needs. Totally easy to find, fill out online, e-sign, share, and download, our sample forms are also 100% free of charge and available to our platform users round the clock. 

How to Fill Out a Blind Bill of Lading Template?

This specific template caters to the needs of the ABF Freight company. With the top-level PDFLiner editing tools, you can easily adjust it to your company, though. When filling the form out, include the following vital information:

  1. BOL date.

  2. Blind shipper info.

  3. Actual shipper info.

  4. Consignee info.

  5. Details about the goods shipped.

  6. Dates and signatures.

In case you need help filling out or customizing the file in accordance with your company policies, you can always turn to professional attorney assistance. The team behind PDFLiner makes modifying any doc in our gallery as smooth and easy as possible. Our goal is helping you switch to digital document management in the most effortless way existent.

Organizations that work with the blank blind bill of lading form

  • ABF Freight.

Fillable online ABF Freight Blind Bill of Lading
(4.7 / 5) 91 votes
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