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Get your Personal Service Contract Template in 3 easy steps

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What Is a Personal Service Contract Template?

A Personal Service Contract template contains the details of the agreement between a business or an individual and their client about the provided services. It is an official document that contains the details of both parties and describes the provided services and payment. Such templates are sent from one party to another.

What Do I Need a Personal Service Contract Template For?

  • The Contract for Personal Service is required by the client who wants to make sure that the amount of money and the services discussed with the company are noted in the document;

  • This document is required by the company to make sure that the client agrees with the terms and conditions and will pay;

  • This Contract Personal Services proof might be needed by the IRS as an attachment to the tax return.

How to Fill Out a Personal Service Contract Template?

A Contract of Personal Service is not complicated to fill; yet, it is better to use the already-made blank. You can find it on PDFLiner. All you need to do there is to fill empty sections, using the tools of the editor in front of you. Here is the data you will need to include in any personal service contract:

  1. Put the information about both parties of the agreement, including the names, mailing addresses, and states. You also have to provide the date of the agreement.

  2. Pick the terms of the agreement and choose the information you want to include, like at-will, end date, and any other data.

  3. Describe the service that was provided and the amount of money the client agreed to pay for it.

  4. Pick the box with the payment method you’ve agreed upon with the client.

  5. If you have additional terms to include, you can do it on page 3 of the document.

  6. Sign the document and put the current date.

Organizations That Work With a Personal Service Contract Template

  • Any company that provides services in the US.

Fillable Blank Service Contract Template
(4.7 / 5) 91 votes
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