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What is DD 1172?

DD 1172 is a form of application that must be completed by recipients for receiving identification cards and DEERS enrollment. This is a Department of Defense form. This form is needed in case you want to receive the ID card and helps you to take part in various benefits programs as a military member or dependent.

What I need the DD 1172 for?

You need DD 1172 form to:

  • Receive an identification card that will let you access military facilities and organizations;
  • Take part in a program of benefits for military employees and their dependents;
  • Enroll in DEERS program.

There is no due date. You will find the form on the official website of the Department of Defense documentation. It can be supplied online or through your command leader. The form activates right after the Department of Defense officials receive it.

Filling out DD 1172

This is a one-page long document. You have to fill specific sections. Go step by step via the form, filling out the lines:

  • If you are an employee or a sponsor, you have to fill out Section 1, providing detailed information about you: name, SSN, status, organization, pay grade, citizenship, date of birth, home address, phone number, and so on.
  • Section 2 must contain remarks about your assignment. Sometimes this section is already filled out by the organization you work in;
  • Section 3 is about the sponsoring office: name, address, contact number, etc;
  • Part 4 contains information about dependent if you have one. If you don’t have, just leave the section blank;
  • Section 5 is for the receipt of the card.

Organizations that work with DD 1172

  • Department of Defense;
  • Private organizations that want to become sponsors.
Fillable online DD 1172 Form
(5 / 5) 45 votes
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