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What Is a Statement of Information?

A Statement of Information is a file a business submits for the purpose of revealing its activities throughout the past year. This information usually reveals the details about the operation and how the business is being managed. Shareholders and others with an interest in the business are most interested in this data. 

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What I Need the Statement of Information For

Here’s what you need to file this document for:

  • registering your company with one of your state’s governing agencies;
  • keeping your business legally compliant;
  • generally keeping the state informed about your business.

How to Fill Out the Statement of Information

The basic layout of the Statement of Information varies depending on the state you’re running your business in. Usually, the following details should be indicated in the file:

  1. Name and contact data of your registered agent.
  2. Your main office contacts.
  3. Your management team details.
  4. Your owners contact info.
  5. Details about your corporate shares.
  6. The purpose of your company and its legal background.

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Organizations That Work With the State of Information

  • governing agencies.
Fillable online Statements of Information
(4.7 / 5) 79 votes
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