4 Creative Resume Templates

  • Funny Resume Template Funny Resume Template When Should I Use a Funny Resume Template? A funny resume template can effectively stand out from other applicants and make a positive impression on potential employers. However, you should only use a comic resume template if you are confident it won'
  • Green CV Template Green CV Template What is a Green CV Template? A Green CV template is a professional resume layout with decorative green borders. It has the standard elements of any CV, such as fields for work experience, skills, education, and so on. Instead of the boring conventional bl
  • Blue Resume Template Blue Resume Template What Is a Blue Resume Template? If you’re here to find a blue color resume template, you already know what it is. Highlight your experience and professional expertise with this modern blue resume template. Customize it to your liking and make a memo
  • One Page Resume Template One Page Resume Template When Should I Use a One Page Resume Template? A one page resume template is best used when you have a limited amount of information to include. This type of template is ideal for entry-level jobseekers, recent college graduates, or those who are trying to
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