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Today, there are a lot of powerful online document-editing tools. The choice is so overwhelming that finding the service that would suit you best is often challenging. If you’re precisely looking for a Dotloop alternative online PDF editor, you’ve definitely come to the right place. PDFLiner is an excellent Dotloop alternative, with even more handy features and advantages. Look through the list of features below and see for yourself.

PDFLiner and Dotloop are similar in many ways. Below, you will find features they have in common, as well as additional tools PDFLiner will shower you with.

So, are you wondering which Dotloop features PDLiner provides?

All of them, actually. Here’s the list for you to get the full picture:

  1. By using PDFLiner, you get to edit your PDFs online: no more time-wasting print-outs or uploads.
  2. The service allows you to add legal digital signatures to your documents: convenience beyond belief.
  3. Also, you get to request signatures from others by emailing them your PDF file.
  4. In addition to this, our Dotloop alternative service allows you to add your corporate branding to your documents in order to make them look more professional and recognizable.

Curious why most users prefer PDFLiner over Dotloop? It’s easy. Unlike Dotloop, PDFLiner flaunts the following additional functionality:

  1. Advanced authentication and encryption, which effectively protects your PDFs from confidentiality-related risks.
  2. The possibility to host interactive fillable forms that can be completed on the go using any mobile device. 
  3. The possibility to fax your documents from any gadget, as well as receive faxes to your PDFLiner account.
  4. The possibility to use the PDFLiner mobile app for iPhone and Android: managing your workflow on the go has never been easier.

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