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What is a Nanny Contract Template?

The fillable Nanny Contract Template is a standard civil blank that is used for reaching an official employment agreement between a household owner and a person who officially provides nanny services. The financial side of this contract must be reported on your annual IRS tax return as well as on the nanny’s tax return. Nanny business organizations and sole contractors have the right to provide customized contracts.

What I need the Nanny Contract Template for?

  • This standard form is used for legalizing the relation between a household owner (an employer) and a nanny (employee);
  • Both sides must keep a properly filled copy of the form to avoid any conflicts on the content of the agreement. 

You can download the Nanny Contract Template from PDFLiner in PFD format or print it after completing the form in our online document editor. All the features are free for the first 10 days. 

How to fill out Nanny Contract Template?

The template consists of 5 pages but can be extended on purpose. 

  • Enter the names of the employer and the employee;
  • Specify the start date of the contract;
  • Enter the real worksite address;
  • Make up a detailed work schedule with total weekly hours;
  • Specify job responsibilities or the nanny;
  • Agree on the size of compensations for regular and overtime rates;
  • Agree on the method of payment;
  • Specify the sizes of tax-advantaged benefits (health insurance, transportation, parking, tuition, etc.);
  • Specify paid and unpaid time-offs and national holidays (you’re not obliged to pay for holidays);
  • Sign the contract simultaneously with your employee;
  • Sign a copy of the contract and give it to the employee. 

Organizations that work with Nanny Contract Template:

  • Any family within the USA or Canada. 
Fillable online Nanny Contract Template
(4.9 / 5) 107 votes
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