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1. What is the 886-H-HOH form?

The fillable 886-H-HOH form helps you to prove the status of the head of the household. You have to meet three different tests to receive the approval of being the household’s leader. Any individual can download the 886-H-HOH form. However, you have to pay tax regularly. You also need to pass the marriage test, the cost of keeping up the home test, and the qualifying person test.

2. What I need the 886-H-HOH form for?

  • Any taxpayer can use the blank of the form in order to prove the status of the head of the household;
  • It is a supporting document that helps you to clarify the status;
  • The form is used for proving to the IRS and other organizations that your status of the head of household is legal;
  • You can’t send this form separately. You have to prove your point with other documents.

3. How to fill out the 886-H-HOH form?

If you need to clarify your status for the business you have or any other purposes, you can file an 886-H-HOH form to the IRS. You may find the pdf version of the form completely free of charge here, on this page. You can file it online on the IRS website or download and print the document to send it by regular mail. It is only 1 page long. You have to state there:

  • The taxpayer's name, TIN, and TPE;
  • Your marriage status. Based on the status, you have to attach specific documents;
  • Pass the short qualifying person test. Attach the documents that the test requires from you;
  • State the cost of keeping up a home test. You may need to attach the photocopies of documents that are asked for in the form.

4. Organizations that work with the 886-H-HOH form

  • This form is accepted by the IRS.
Fillable online Form 886-H-HOH
(5 / 5) 43 votes
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