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1 Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles Templates

  • Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report
    What is Form CRA-23? This CRA-23 form is also known as the Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report that describes the type of accident, the parties involved in the accident, and the consequences. The information provided in the report is used by the responsible officials for the legal and financial assessment of the accident. What I need the Form CRA-23 for? A person must file a report if they are the driver of a transport involved in an accident where there is damage to any one vehicle or if someone was injured. The report must be filed within 5 days from the date of the crash by the officer. Filling out Form CRA-23 When completing CRA-23, you must provide information on the following issues: Place of an accident; Information about the vehicle that was driven; Other vehicles involved in the accident; The participants; Accident conditions; Witness information; Information on property damage; Description of the accident. Organizations that work with Form CRA-23 Local police station; Insurance company; Registry of Motor Vehicles of Boston.
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