How to Fill Out ACORD 25 Quickly with PDFLiner

ACORD specializes in creating standardized forms for a wide variety of purposes in the insurance industry. The ACORD Certificate of Liability Insurance is one of the most commonly used documents and designed to collect information about insured persons and companies that insured them. Read below about when it might be needed, how to fill it out, and submit it correctly.

What Is an ACORD 25 Form

ACORD 25 is a simple one-page document. The task of a person filling it out is to provide the available insurance information. So to speak, it is a summary table of an insurance policy, limits, types of coverage, duration, workers' compensation, and more. When creating the Certificate of Liability Insurance ACORD sought to make a template that would help unify the workflow, make it accessible to many organizations, and reduce the likelihood of errors and ambiguities. This paper is an easy way to exchange information about insurance between companies.

Who Fills Out an ACORD 25 Form

A Certificate of Insurance template might be needed by various businesses and firms in different situations. If you are an insurance agent, your client, who is a vendor or a contractor, might need this document to ensure they have the right coverage for work. Besides, when drawing up an agreement with other organizations, you, as a business owner, also have the right to require the completion of this form. Timely provision of the requested document will allow you to make sure of the seriousness of the intentions of other companies and their financial responsibility.

How to Fill Out ACORD 25

Filling out ACORD 25 online is the most convenient and simple way. The sooner you provide it to the requested person, the higher the likelihood of cooperation. Since the template consists of only one page, it won't take you long to complete. Prepare the necessary papers in advance.

Step 1: In the upper right corner, indicate the date when this form was issued. Then proceed to fill in the "Producer" and "Insured" blocks. You should specify the full details of an agent or broker who handled the case in the first one. Enter their name, email, telephone, and/or fax number. The second field should contain the name of an insured person and their mailing address. To the right of the "Insured" block, list all carriers that provide coverage.

Step 2: After completing the fields at the ACORD 25 Certificate of Insurance top, navigate to the main table called "Coverages." Here you need to provide complete details of all available lines of insurance:

  • The first column shows the possible coverage options: Commercial General, Automobile, Umbrella, and Excess Liability, as well as Workers Compensation;
  • In the second and third columns, indicate additional insured and subrogation waived if any;
  • Next, you need to enter the policy numbers, EFF and EXP, in the standard format MM/DD/YYYY;
  • The last column should include all limits for the types of coverage listed.
  • Please note a blank line at the end of the table where you can add a type of insurance not listed above, such as professional.

Step 3: In the blank field titled "Descriptions of Operations," you should provide more detailed information about the above insurances. It may include descriptions of situations, operations, exceptions, and so on, for which special provisions or endorsements are required. If this area is not enough for you, use an ACORD 101 form explicitly created to make additional remarks to any corporate documents.

Step 4: In the last part, you need to indicate the personal details of a certificate holder (usually their name and full address). After that, an authorized agency representative should sign (or stamp) it.

Filling out ACORD Certificate of Liability Insurance forms and other important papers is much quicker with PDFLiner. It is easy to use and provides all the necessary tools for working with electronic documents. You can fill in the required information, put date and sign, add watermarks, insert images, and much more with it. You can send the finished file to a recipient, print it, share it, or simply save it in your profile without leaving the editor.

How to File ACORD 25

Now that you know how to complete ACORD 25, it's time to figure out how to file it properly. Unlike tax forms and other official documents, this one does not have a set filing date. It is provided solely at company request. It is essential that the specified insurances are valid and the information on the form is up to date. If your client terminates any of the listed insurances or does not plan to renew them, you should notify interested parties following the established policy provisions.

There is usually no specific period for submitting a completed document (unless specified by a requester). However, it is advisable to provide it as soon as possible. That is why online tools are the most convenient. You can quickly fill in the required information and immediately send the file by email.


ACORD produces various templates that companies around the world recognize. They are easy to use and do not require any special skills from a placeholder. However, so that you can better understand how Form 25 works, we have answered commonly asked questions here.
Is an ACORD form a legal document?
ACORD 25 is a summary of coverages. It does not affect the duration of their validity, the situations that it covers, and the number of payments in any way. It is not a legally binding paper. It simply serves as proof that your client has the type of coverage their employer wants.
Do you need to sign an ACORD 25 form?
The document should be signed by an authorized representative of an agency and not by the insured person. If you are an insurance agent, then you need to sign it. If you are a contractor who is required to submit this form, you shouldn’t do it.
Can I send ACORD 25 by email?
Yes, you can. For this purpose, fillable files have been developed. You can fill them out, edit them, and send them to a recipient electronically.
How to list additional insured on ACORD 25?
In the corresponding paragraph, you only need to check the box if there are additional insured. In the field "Descriptions of Operations," you need to specify in more detail who and under which conditions can also use the specified insurance according to a contract.

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